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What's the Best Garage Door Mechanism?

12/22/2013 Back To Blog

Consumers prefer suitable solutions for garage door replacement and one of the most common questions is which type of door will be best in each property. The good news is that there are several different mechanisms today. Each one would better serve different purposes, residential and commercial premises, specific requirements of properties and the personal expectations of proprietors. The truth is that these factors would narrow down your options on their own, because if you have no space for swing hung doors and limited ceiling space, you are stuck with the option of a roll up garage door. In any case, it is wise to weigh your options in regard to your needs and choose based on the factual parameters instead of what you would like to get.

Garage door mechanisms for everyone

The way your home is constructed, the space left in front of the garage and the space available indoors would play significant importance to your decision. Although sliding garage doors are not very popular, they might fit perfectly to some properties. They are usually one-panel doors except in cases of really large panels. In this case, they can consist of two different panels sliding in opposite directions. They are ideal for properties with limited space outdoors or in the ceiling, are controlled by electric garage door openers and provide great convenience to pedestrians since they don't have to open all the way to get through.

The most popular mechanism is the overhead door as long as you have room in the ceiling. The door runs through vertical, curved and horizontal tracks, are automatic and leave the entrance fully free for easier driving through. Many people would actually choose sectional doors because they can be replaced in sections. Rollups are selected by those with minimum space and are widely used for industrial and commercial properties. They are practical and usually made of metal materials. Hinged doors are the most traditional style and widely used as long as you have the space since they usually open outwards.

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