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We know the right way to install, maintain and if necessary, repair.

Below you will find outstanding tips about garage doors, maintenance and the best ways to keep the system stable.

How to lubricate parts well

First of all, you must make sure you are using good quality lubricants and our experts in Carle Place can help you find the best. Don't overdo it to avoid having the opposite from the expected results. Just spray a couple of drops on the mechanical parts and make sure lubricants will penetrate each component wholly.

Replace the rusty parts immediately

There is a reason why it's important to check the garage door parts often. It's the best way to prevent problems. If you see some rusty parts, replace them immediately. Don't underestimate the power of rust. It will eat up the material and make the components weak to perform. It will also make the mechanism noisy.

Prevent rust from garage door parts

Garage door component parts are exposed to elements at all times and it is highly likely that they will erode over the years. The experts of our service provider in Carle Place suggest frequent lubrication maintenance and immediate replacement when the parts begin to erode.

Stay clear from a moving garage door

Garage doors are heavy and may cause injuries if you find yourself in their pathway. Though most automatic garage doors have a reversing feature when they hit something while moving, there are times when this mechanism fails. Do not risk the chance and stay clear from moving garage doors at all times.

Weatherstripping your garage doors

If you notice the weather seal strip of your door coming apart or it is cracking, it needs to be replaced. If you do not replace it, the weather could eventually begin to affect valuables that are stored in your garage.

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