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Which rollers should I get?

The experts of our company in Carle Place suggest checking the weight of your garage door first. Make sure you get the right size based on the weight of the door and the size of the garage door tracks. Prefer stainless rollers with ball-bearings for silent rolling.

Why should I get a backup battery system?

The backup battery system is the latest accessory of garage door openers. It will be very useful when there's a blackout or power failure because your garage door will keep on working automatically. You'll feel safer and it will make your life easier.

Is it easy to replace hinges?

When you need to replace garage door hinges it is best to keep the door open. This way, the spring tension will be minimized but you must also keep in mind that the door might sag at the side if you don't support it while you are replacing the hinges. Replace the hinges one by one.

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