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Preparing for the Changing Climate

12/21/2013 Back To Blog

With the changing weather during the coming months, it is best to keep your overhead garage door prepared for the hot and cold temperatures. Failing to do so can result in malfunctions that can be costly and time consuming.

Clean Weather Seal

Keep the weather seal of your garage door clean and in good condition. Every quarter of the year, use weather stripping to replenish the seal. Securing a flush seal will keep cold air from seeping into the garage. It will also ensure that the warm air on the inside doesn’t escape. Don’t use a lubricant that contains petroleum in it because this will deteriorate the rubber. The weather seal can be cleaned using soap and warm water.

Wash Down the Door

One of the best ways to get your door ready for the changing climate is simply to wash it. This will remove grease and dirt build-up which can affect the operating components of you electronic garage door. Warm water and soap is suggested for this kind of cleaning, but avoid using damaging detergents because they will complete remove the wax that protects the door. Adding a wax application to your door each year is another useful preventive action. This will protect the luster of the door and resist acids from the rain as well as damaging sun rays.

Inspect Components

All of your garage door parts should be inspected such as the hinges, torsion coil springs, rollers, and track. Excluding the track, lubricate these components with a metal-friendly lubricant. Some suggest that basic motor oil is also sufficient. This cuts down on friction and sticking, allowing everything to work freely. Remove excess lubricant oil with a rag. For maximum results, this should be done ever quarter. Also inspect cables; if they are rusty or cracking, replace them.

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